About BA-Detect

BA Detect are suppliers to the investigative industry and work with clients in 36 countries worldwide. Our range of solutions ensures we work with a variety of business’s across the security market. BA supplies over 100 specialist security resellers worldwide and also works with a number of security specialists on behalf of many industries security requirements.

Market Channels

BA works with clients in a wide range of Security Channels on a B2B basis only. Our valued customers come from Markets such as:

Private Investigators

Hundreds of Private Investigators utilise our product assortment for surveillance and e-discovery purposes.

Digital Forensic Laboratories

Forensic Investigation Laboratories work with us for the purposes of Evidence examination and Evidence integrity

Security Consultants

We are continually working with Security consultants to provide solutions to protect clients from all industries ranging from Financial Institutions to Law Enforcement.

Consumer Products

Our Network of trusted Partners in the e-commerce Niche Security Markets around the World ensure our products have a presence in over 30 Countries.

IT Security

Many of our solutions are IT focussed, with security at the heart of all of our products. The IT Security Market is quickly becoming a new channel for all matters relating to Digital Security Threat Prevention and E-Discovery.

Government & Law Enforcement

Clients from organisations such as Law Enforcement and other Government based institutions recognise our products value for a variety of Security matters such as GDPR Compliance, Forensic Investigations and Evidence Integrity

What We Do

BA Detect works with a wide range of clients in the security industry and is able to offer solutions to many security threats. Examples of the type of solutions we offer are below but for a more detailed information on our solutions please review our product pages or get in touch with us directly.



Our unique Patented Stronghold products have been around for over 10 years. Originally created to protect Digital Evidence needed for criminal cases, the need for this protection has spread wide in the last decade due to the rise in digital crimes. Our clients for these solutions range from Corporates seeking to protect Intellectual property right through to small business owners who understand not all threats are visible. We also supply many Digital forensic laboratories who these solutions to ensure Digital Evidence cannot be remotely tampered or Wiped.

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Covert Audio Solutions

Listening to our clients’ needs was key to developing our high performance Audio solutions which are produced in conjunction with a Professional Audio solutions manufacturer here in the UK and supplied to Security Professionals globally. Our solutions can be customised to suit instances such as Covert Long Term deployments where the solutions are built into everyday objects with excellent battery capabilities for long term operations or Tactical deployments where the solutions are housed in Magnets to ensure they can be easily deployed in a difficult confined space as close to the target as possible.

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Frequency Detectors

Our range of TSCM solutions provide users of all levels with Professional systems which can be used to ensure the environment is free of audio recording and video lens devices, ensuring your communications and interactions remain Private.

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