About Ba-Detect

BA Detect are suppliers to the investigative industry and work with clients in 36 countries worldwide. Our range of solutions ensures we work with a variety of business’s across the security market. BA supplies over 100 specialist security resellers worldwide and also works with a number of specialist providers in sectors such as

Private Investigators

Naturally, we work with many Private Investigation companies around the globe who seek to use and recommend our solutions for a wide variety of cases for/with their clients. Our Digital Solutions have helped solve many matters, often, in a faster and less labour intensive way than traditional surveillance methods.


Our range of Professional Digital Forensics software and Faraday wireless blocking solutions were built specifically for the purpose of solving Digital Forensic crimes and ensuring Digital Evidence is preserved with the integrity demanded by courts of Law, Globally.

Security Consultants

BA Detect is not just a product supplier, our business began by identifying solutions with Security Consultants which were not available at the time. We are continually seeking to strengthen our ties with Consultants and understand their needs. Professional Digital Forensics and Faraday systems are the areas which we develop the most with the Consultant market. Our customised solutions for Faraday (signal blocking) protection is the most common need due to the rise in Digital Crimes.

Our Approach

Our diverse range allows us to work with many different types of security professionals, Our approach is very hands on for all clients no matter the size of organisation, we can help identify and solve all manner of security threats to protect our clients’ best interests.

Our Work

BA Detect works with a wide range of clients in the security industry and is able to offer solutions to many security threats. Examples of the type of solutions we offer are below but for a more detailed information on our solutions please review our product pages or get in touch with us directly.


Deployable Faraday Cage

The growing need for Faraday cages for all types of industries has seen us work with many security consultants for customised faraday tents which can be deployed easily, quickly and effectively. Please visit our Faraday Tents section to learn more about the solutions we offer and can customise to your specification. RF-shielded enclosures, also known as Faraday Cages, are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. They can be like our RF-shielded pouches for small mobile or data devices – made of RF-shielded fabric and sized for something as small as a USB stick. RF-shielded fabrics are typically woven with silver/copper/nickel/acrylic thread, and are used in many kinds of Faraday Cages such as flight bags and tents. Uses vary and a wide selection of industries use these enclosures for matters such as EMC pre-compliance testing or forensic examination of mobile device isolation and examination.


Laptop Isolation Cases

A client with over 250 Field based personnel had a data breach as a result of a digital skimming device being deployed at a conference where 40 of the company’s employees were in attendance. The Theft of Digital Data containing pedigree information such as Name of employee and passwords pertaining to the employees intranet portal with the company and other important information was skimmed and used to login to the companies intranet portal and create new inventory orders with instructions to ship to various address’s not associated with the company. The Laptop solution we built and supplied for the client ensured all Company laptops could be secured inside the laptop case with additional room for other devices such as mobile phones and passports. This system ensures the staff, Company and their devices pedigree data was completely protected whilst in high risk areas such as Airports or Industry conferences. Please visit our Faraday Solutions category to learn more about the applications


Air Freshener Audio 365

Air freshener Audio 365 was developed specifically for a client who needed to perform long term Audio surveillance on employees within a company who were suspected of bullying and harassing other work colleagues. The Employees abusive actions operated on a level which were anonymous and not always conducted inside the workplace. The Device was deployed in the office of the suspected abusers for less than 9 weeks and in this time Investigators and HR personnel were able to produce clear evidence of the wrongdoing as the abusers had shared conversations of their recent actions targeting other members of staff. Air Freshener Audio 365 has a standby battery time of 365 days, ideal for deployment in locations where sudden appearances may draw suspicion. Having recommended and built this solution for over 20 clients in the last 18 months we have now made this product a permanently produced product, see our full range of Covert Audio Solutions most of which are Proudly manufactured in the UK.