Professional Surveillance Software for Android OS Phones/Tablets

Android Monitor X200

Product Code: PBN011 – Android Monitor X200

X200 is a custom built Android monitoring software designed to provide live remote monitoring of any Android phone*

The software sits covertly on the target handset and provides complete upto the minute reports of all usage of the target phone including the ability to listen to the phone conversations which take place on the target phone.

X200 is supplied to the investigative industry as an alternative to labour intensive surveillance, the software can track the phones GPS locations as well as many other features including everything typed into the handset.

Once installed onto the target phone, users never need to have access to the phone again, users simply login to the dedicated website using the licence credentials and can begin viewing the phones activities immediately.

The user interface is designed in over 40 languages.


Displays all of the following data on the handset:

  • Contacts – view the complete contact list remotely
  • Activities – See every single activity on the phone in a time and date reporting format
  • GPS – See the exact location data for the phone
  • SMS – See all SMS sent and received to the phone
  • Files – View all files on the phone including images
  • Keylogger – See every single Keystroke ever typed onto the phone
  • APP Activity – See the content on popular apps such as Gmail and Whatsapp* (Rooted handset required)
  • Instant Listen – Can be used to activate the Mic to record the phones immediate surroundings

Additional Features Include:

  • Device Wipe – Completely wipe the device remotely. (Rooted Devices Only)
  • Auto reboot the phone – useful when phone is being misused with too many apps. (Rooted Devices only)


Target phone always required – Users need to have access to the phone they wish to target

Android 5.01 or above Operating system Works seamlessly with most well-known Android phone manufacturers including:

Samsung, HTC, Huawei, OneTEL, Acer, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a non-rooted device will likely cause you problems if you wish to monitor the phone long term. Not rooting the device will also be much less effective and not provide the covert solution which may be required. Rooted phones are completely undetectable and cannot be wiped from the handset once installed.

 We do not recommend self-rooting as this solution requires a professional rooter of Androids to ensure the software covertly and seamlessly with the target phone. Rooting can be obtained via hundreds of independent mobile phone repair specialists worldwide. Our core market for this is Investigators and the PI market normally take the target phones into a phone repair specialist for rooting prior to installation of the software.

Yes, we supply brand new phones which our tech team roots and installs the software onto the phone, all licences are good for 1 year of complete monitoring.

Contact us directly to learn more about our phone options.

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