Recovery of Deleted Data from Android phones and Tablets

Android Recovery Stick

Product Code: PBN002 – Phone Recovery Stick for Android

Digital investigations are now the first stop for investigators when conducting all manner of investigative work.

Digital devices collect so much data, they can help build a complete picture based on the devices location history and recoverable data residing on the device.

The Phone Recovery Stick for Android devices can perform a deep dive into the data which has been deleted from an iPhone and also display all the data which still resides on the phone.


  • Compatible with Android Phones running operating systems from 1.5 through to the latest Android OS.
  • Recovers deleted data such as text messages (SMS), call logs, contacts, photos, music, documents, calendar entries and notes
  • Downloads Phone Contents such as photos, internet history, all text messages, contacts, call logs, etc.
  • Now rooting handset will assist in recovering deleted data from Android 5.1 handsets
  • Parses numerous apps on the phone including KIK, TextFree, TextPlus, Vkontakte, Jott Messenger, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Linkedin and Pinger
  • Recovers data from a massive range of Android devices, including data recovery from Micro SD cards of those phones
  • Recovers from these device memory cards – Music, photos, MP3’s, videos, some MS documents, PDF and text files
  • Where debugging mode is on or in the phone settings, it should be possible to bypass the PIN or pattern lock
  • Easy-To-Use – On screen prompts during for the process to make things simple
  • separates data into categories to allow an output report
  • System Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10
  • Deleted data recovery can only be performed on rooted handsets.


Works with all Android OS including: Samsung, HTC , Huawei, OneTEL

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

Compatible Data Cable

Frequently Asked Questions

Recoverable data is often dependent on the amount of use the phone has had. The IRecovery stick can recover from as far back as 1 year based on typical phone use, in some instances where phone has not been used as much it can go recover data much further back than 1 year.

For Androids, providing the phone is in debugging mode some handsets with a screen lock can be bypassed, due to the diverse amount of Android operating systems we cannot guarantee every Android screen lock can be bypassed but we can confirm this has been successfully bypassed on many major handsets such as Samsung.

This depends upon the speed of the processor in the computer to which the phone is connected for the recovery process and actually how much data is stored on the phone. The process when using a PC with a fast processor and phone that has only had light usage may take only 6 minutes or so, however a slow PC processor and a heavily used phone may mean the process could take upto 45 minutes or maybe even more.

Unfortunately during the reset process all data is permanently wiped and cannot be recovered.

No, the recovery software is only designed for use on Windows machines

Yes, you will be able to recover from these devices successfully, but you will not get much from them, since they do not have text messages, contacts, or call logs.

Updates do come out from time to time to ensure the most data possible and to support new versions of OS (the Android Phone operating system). Under the Tools menu at the top of the program is an update option. You must be connected to the Internet for it to complete an update, all updates are free so the product is future proof technology which can also be used on as many iPhone as you wish.

It very much depends on the usage of the device. Standard recovery is approximately 5-6 weeks, however, if the phone you wish to recover from is heavily used, you might receive less.

This depends on the processing power of the computer using the software. Generally, it’ll take a quad core processor @ 2.5 Ghz around 8 minutes to retrieve deleted data from 500MB.

This version currently works on a massive range of phones with various OS upto the latest 9.0 Operating system

You can use the software on as many compatible handsets as you like.

No, the software always stays on the USB stick itself and the computer is used for its capability to process the software recovery. However, recovered data will be sent to the connected computer’s memory storage. Of course this can be transferred off and deleted so no trace it left behind.

Additional Information

Please Note: Androids running the Samsung KNOX app are not supported for deleted data recovery. You must first uninstall the KNOX app before data recovery is possible.