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Black VOX Air Freshener Audio 8GB

Covert Audio Recorder hidden inside an Air Freshener, 365 Day Standby Battery, records crystal clear audio upto 15 Metres away.

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Product Code: PBN-BV-AF

Black Vox Air Freshener Audio looks and feels just like a table top air freshener.

Built inside the Air Freshener is a premium audio recording device for covert audio recording.

Standby battery upto 365 days, records for upto 72 hours on a single charge.

Record crystal clear audio from upto 15 metres away, ideal for office and home covert audio recording.

The BV-AF has mic sensitivity adjustment software and can be configured for time and date stamping.

Offload Audio files through a PC or a Mac.

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Black Vox Air Freshener Concealment

Modified Air Freshener with 365 Day Standby Battery.

Records upto 288 Hours of Audio on 8GB Storage

Records in Sound Activated Mode Only.

Time & Date File Stamping.

Sensitivity Trigger Adjustment Settings.

Connect device to PC or MAC to offload recordings.

  • Long Life Covert Audio Recorder
  • Appears as a Home Office Air Freshener
  • Time & Date File Stamping
  • 8GB Internal Storage – upto 288 hours

Extra Information:

Brand: Black Vox

Power Supply: 3.7v 180mAh rechargeable battery

Dimensions: 2.6″ x 24″ x 1.55″

Manufactured in: UK.

  • Long Life Covert Audio Recorder
  • Appears as a Table Top Air Freshener
  • Battery Life upto 365 Days
  • Appears as a Home Office Air Freshener
  • Time & Date File Stamping
  • 8GB Internal Storage – upto 288 hours

1 Mode of operation – Sound Activation only, once sound is detected the Black Vox Air Freshener begins recording until sound stops, preserves battery life and ensures device only records when sound is being made.

Onboard mic sensitivity adjustment software.

To listen, offload, or delete recordings off the device, users need to connect the Black Vox to any Windows or Mac computer/Laptop.

Connection to the device is hidden inside the Air Freshener.

Device appearance is not modified externally, appears and functions as an air freshener.

  • Black Vox Air Freshener Audio Recorder
  • Connection/Charge Cable (USB)
  • User Manual (English)

Manual: Download PDF

All Black Vox Audio Recorders are Voice Activation Mode only, these audio recorders are tactical audio solutions.

The device is by default set to sound activation mode only, this means it only records when sound is detected.

This ensures any recorded content does not have long silent recordings.

For the Air Freshener Audio users need to open the Air Freshener to access the On switch, the device can then be set in position and once sound is detected, the device will begin recording crystal clear audio within a 15 metre radius.

Users can adjust the mic sensitivity by plugging the device into any Windows or Mac Computer, opening the Software, and adjusting the ALC – Auto Level Control function.

To do this users need to open up the Air Freshener to access the connection port, connect device to a computer and select the onboard software where Auto Level control (ALC)  function can be adjusted.

Adjusting this feature ensures the Microphone can operate in a variety of environments and not just optimal environments.

Black Vox Audio recorder solutions cannot record whilst charging, they are built for tactical deployments and have extra-long-life batteries which allows them to be deployed for a very long time.

The Black Vox Air Freshener can record continuously for upto 288 hours providing sound is detected. The Battery on Black Vox Air Freshener can work for upto 365 days on a single charge.

To configure the time and date file stamping, users need to plug in the device to a Windows OS and open the software file.

Time & Date stamp can only be configured on a Windows OS.

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