UK Made – Professional Audio Recorder for Covert Deployments

Black Vox Internal 75 day

Product Code: PBN017 – Black Vox Long Life Audio Recorder

The Black Vox covert audio recorder is a Law Enforcement grade solution designed for harsh environments where many audio solutions would fail.

The housing on the device is a magnetic solution ensuring the Black Vox can be covertly placed as close to the target as possible, Black Vox can be attached to places such as underneath a car seat or the back of a radiator or underneath a table. Black Vox internal has a built in highly sensitive microphone which can record sounds with crystal clear clarity with a radius of upto 9 metres away from the Black Vox.

The superb long life capabilities of Black Vox provide users with upto 75 days standby battery and over 100 hours of recording time, the device provides Time and Date Stamping on all audio files and utilises sound activation ensuring there are no long silences being recorded.

Black Vox audio files can be offloaded from the device using both a windows or a Mac Computer.


  • 75 Day Standby Battery Life – Rechargeable internal battery means your recorder can be in standby mode for 75 days and recording time of over 100 hours of recording time
  • 288 Hours of Digital Voice Recording Capacity with an Internal 8 GB Drive – Recordings are saved as MP3 files on the recorder: plug into a computer to listen to, copy, or delete recordings
  • Voice Activated Audio Recording from up to 28 Feet Away – High quality mic allows for clear conversation recordings from far away
  • USB for Easy Use with Windows or Mac – 2.5mm jack to USB for charging or data transfer
  • Magnetic for Easy Placement Under Car Seats or Nearly Any Location – Designed as a sophisticated covert surveillance tool
  • Easy Operation – Simple 1 button functionality, press the button and the device will go straight into Sound Activation mode.
  • Depress the same button to turn off.


There is no special password system to restrict access to recorded files.

It is recommended that lithium batteries are charged and fully discharged regularly to keep them in optimum operational condition.

You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention in any way.

When the device is switched into record mode a discreet LED illuminates for a couple of seconds, but then goes out and then there is no indication that recording is taking place after switching the device on.

Yes, this new unit now has the ability to reference each recorded file with a time and date so you will know when something has occurred.

Yes, the recorder will still pick up sounds from the environment, although if it is heavily buried out of site, the microphone effectiveness may be reduced, we have tested the device in a variety of situations and can confirm the device can perform in very effective conditions – Under a car seat whilst car is moving proves difficult for many audio recorders but Black Vox performs well in this situation.

Recordings can be played back through computer speakers by plugging into the USB port of a Windows or Mac computer using the supplied connection cable. No special software is needed.

No, the Black Vox Recorder is always set to voice activated recording. There is no straight record option.

The recorder will record a new file each time the microphone picks up enough sound to start the recording process and then ends the file when the sounds, voices, etc. have stopped.

Additional Information