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Black VOX WIFI 32GB – Listen Remotely from Anywhere

Secure Black Vox WIFI 32GB Audio Recorder, listen, download and configure device directly from App.

Works on iPhone & Android.

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Product Code: PBN-BV-WIFI

Black Vox WIFI 32GB records audio and provides users with the ability to listen in live.

Connects to any router in home or office, excellent security solution for remotely monitoring a location for sound.

Listen to audio files through your phone or listen in live.

Configure sensitivity trigger through your phone, download audio files to your phone.

Audio recordings only accessible through the App, ultra secure operation, prevents unauthorized access to recordings.

App available for both iPhone & Android App stores.

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Black Vox 32GB WIFI Audio Recorder

Live listening and audio recordings directly from any iPhone or Android.

Listen in and record audio from anywhere, full remote access.

Very stable operation utilising 2.4G networks, works with all routers including 5G routers.

Magnetic housing to conceal the device out of sight.

Full Remote Configuration of device accessible by Phone only.

Wireless configuration and wireless data transmission.

Upto 18 Days Standby Battery.

Upto 14 hours Live listening/recording

  • WIFI 32GB Audio Recorder
  • Can be accessed worldwide.
  • Recordings can be downloaded and shared.
  • Works with all routers.
  • Date & Time Stamp
  • App works with iPhone & Android
  • Built-in magnets for mounting (under car seats, desks, etc.)

Extra Information:

Brand: Black Vox

Power Supply: 3.7v 180mAh rechargeable battery

Dimensions: 3.20″ x 1.35″ x 1.15″

Manufactured in: UK.

  • WIFI Audio Recorder
  • Live Listening Functionality
  • Voice Activated (VOX)
  • Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Remote Control of Device through App
  • Record for upto 14 Hours continuously
  • 32GB Storage
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Made in the UK

Secure Black Vox WIFI 32GB Audio Recorder, listen, download and configure device directly from App.

Users can control, listen and download the Black Vox WIFI 32GB Audio recorder using any Apple iPhone/iPad or Android Smartphone or Tablet

Ultra secure system, recordings, live listening and device configuration are locked to the device the operator tethers to the device.

Listen, download, configure the Black Vox WIFI 32GB from anywhere in the world.

Set up of this solution in a location requires operator to have access to the WIFI network in the location, the device they wish to perform monitoring from and the app downloaded onto the device, prior to setup.

Tiny Footprint

At just 3.24 inches long and just at 1.24 inches wide and 1 inch thick, the Black Vox WIFI is extremely small.

The tiny form factor of this professional WIFI audio recorder allows users to deploy the device very close to a target with little chance of discovery.

Easily conceal the device under a table or any metal surface using the magnets built onto the main device.

  • You will need to have access to a smartphone (Android or iPhone) to be able to use/control this product.
  • The product is controlled via an app that will need to be downloaded and installed onto your smartphone.
  • Requires an accessible WiFi connection to work in the environment in which it is deployed.
  • Some basic technical understanding of connecting to a WiFi network is required.
  • Black Vox WIFI 32GB Audio Recorder
  • Connection/Charge Cable (USB)
  • User Manual (English)

Manual: Download PDF

The Black Vox WIFI allows authorised users to listen to the device’s surroundings in both live mode and recorded file mode.

Live listening files are also recorded so if you are unable to listen in live, users can access the recorded files.

Authorized user must have access to the Phone the Black Vox is tethered to, users can listen into the device’s surroundings form anywhere in the world, through the tethered phone.

To connect the phone to the Blak Vox WIFI, users need to set up the device to local wifi network they have access to and have the phone they wish to monitor from with them during setup.

Users need to download the devices app from either the Android Play Store or the Apple Store.

Compatible with all Android and Apple devices, including Iphone, iPad and all Android smartphones and Tablets.

The full set up process can be seen on the Black Vox WIFI product page where a video of the set up can be viewed in the OTHER INFORMATION Tab.

It is not possible to listen to the device’s recordings through the Black Vox WIFI only, this security measure ensures only authorized users can access the live listening and audio recordings.

Users can manage everything from the Phones app, every feature onboard the device is controlled and accessed via the phone the device is tethered to.

Users will need to collect their device form existing location and if the new location uses a different WIFI network, user will need to perform set up and deployments steps for the new WIFI network at the new location.

Black Vox WIFI 32GB – Setup Tutorial

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