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DVIDEO Hidden Camera Lens Detector

Professional Hidden Camera Detector for detection of Wired and Wireless Hidden Camera Lenses

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Product Code: PBN-DVIDEO

DVIIDEO Camera Lens Detector easily locates hidden cameras upto 20 metres away.

Detection of wired and wireless cameras, utilizing super bright red spectrum emitters.

3 times more detection distance than an analogue camera detector.

Frequency Flash adjustment to enables device to perform efficiently in low light conditions.

Subsystem for performing search of Near Field hidden cameras.

Battery Charge indication & Thermal Overload Protection.

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DVIDEO Lens Detector with Frequency Flash Adjustment

Detection of Wired and Wireless Camera Lenses.

Frequency Flash Adjustment for multiple environments

Lens Detection distance between 5-20 Metres

Locates hidden camera lenses, small and portable.

Extra Information:

Brand: BugHunter

Power Supply: 3.7v 180mAh rechargeable battery

Dimensions: 3.75″ x 3.10″ x 0.70″

Manufactured in: Europe

  • Detects Wired & Wireless Cameras
  • Lens Detection Distance 5-20 Metres
  • 5 Operating Modes
  • Frequency Flash Adjustment
  • Near Field Sub-System

Detection of any camera lens at 5-20 meters distance.

The detection range of the DVIDEO is nearly 3 times greater due to the ultra luminous emitters of red spectrum (280 Cd).

Extended service life.

LEDs used for the DVIDEO ensures the device will last for many years.

5 operating modes (Adjustable Flash Frequency)

The result of detection depends on ambient light, hence there is a possibility to adjust frequency of flashes according to the lighting conditions.

In dark rooms it’s recommended to adjust the minimum frequency of flashes, in bright rooms, use more frequent flashes.

Additional subsystem of searching near-field hidden cameras.

There are 4 green LEDs on the front panel.

These LEDs serve as an additional backlight and make it possible to detect hidden cameras in proximity more effectively.

Ensure the device is fully charged prior to use.

  • Camera Detector Dvideo
  • 110/220V adapter
  • Individual package
  • English manual

Manual: Download PDF

DVIDEO has two search systems on the device, the Red-Light detection system helps users locate hidden cameras at a distance of upto 20 metres away.

The Green LED lights are a near field sub system for near field detection and work upto 5 metres away from a camera lens.

If being constantly used the device can function for 2 hours on a single charge, this is based on continual use during this time, if the device is not in continual use the battery can last much longer.

Use the supplied charging cable and plug charge plug into an electrical outlet, charge indicator will turn Green once fully charged.

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