Professional Camera/Video Lens Detection System. 5-20 Metre Range

Dvideo Lens Detector

Product Code: PBNDVIDEO Dvideo Lens Detector

  • Search of any camera lens at 5-20 meters distance.
  • Extended service life.
  • 5 operating modes (adjustable frequency of flashes).
  • Addition subsystem of searching near-field hidden cameras.
  • Battery charge indication and thermal overload protection.
  • Green LED System for Detection of Lenses with anti glare coating

5 operating modes (adjustable frequency of flashes). While searching, it must be noted that the result of searching depends largely on the ambient light. It’s the reason for providing the possibility to adjust the frequency of flashes according to how it’s notable for your eyes to detect the light reflected from hidden camera lens. Within dark rooms it’s recommended to adjust the minimum frequency of flashes, in bright rooms, on the contrary, use the minimum one. Switching between different modes is performed by using ON/OFF button on the back of the device; the selected mode is indicated.


 Search of any camera lens at 5-20 meters distance. As usual camera detectors work at the distance of 2-8 meters. Enlarged detection range of this model results from using the super-bright emitters of red spectrum (280 Cd) in design, so the detection range is enlarged in 2.5 times as compared with analogous devices.

Extended service life. As current-limiting resistors are used, the backlight LED’s won’t be damaged rapidly and light emitters will be perform well for years.

Addition subsystem of searching near-field hidden cameras. There are 4 green LEDs on the front of PBNDvideo camera detector. These LEDs serve as additional backlight and make it possible to detect near-field hidden cameras more effectively. This function is unique and sets it apart from most other camera lens detection systems.

Battery charge indication and thermal overload protection. The battery charge level is indicated as a number of lighting LEDs on the back of the device. As a result, you always know the time you should start charging the built-in battery. While charging the battery is protected from thermal overload that enlarges the service life of it.

Made in Russia. This device has been fully developed by engineers with extensive TSCM backgrounds.

How to use PBNDvideo

It’s very easy to use the device; you don’t need any special or professional skills to do it. You need just to power the device on and inspect the whole room looking through the display of the PBNDvideo’s built-in lens. The detection process of wired and wireless hidden cameras is implemented by flares detecting by the lens of the device. Any flare will be detected as a light spot, and all light spots detected by the device are hidden cameras. If you use your PBNDvideo correctlyit will detect all the cameras wherever they are installed in bags, gifts, clothes, on ceilings, floors, walls or even inside home appliances or furniture, etc.

Useful tip: taking into account that the optimal detection range does not exceed 20 meters, and a hidden camera may be detected only when you are in its sight, it’s recommended to inspect all suspicious location from different angles and perspectives to ensure the room is clear of any hidden cameras

Warning! It is prohibited to direct the light of the device into the eye or eyes of any person

Technical Specs

Products details PBNDvideo
Power supply from built-in Ni-MH battery or mains via AC\DC adaptor
Input current, РјРђ, max 350
Battery life, hours, min 2
Battery charging time, hours, max 8
Operation modes (frequency of flashes) 5
Detection range, m, max 5-20
Operating temperature range from -40В° to +55В°
Weight with batteries, kg, max 0,09
Dimensions, mm 92 x 58 x 24 (cm)

Package contents

  • Camera detector BugHunter Dvideo
  • AC\DC adaptor
  • Individual package
  • English manual

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