VOX Audio Recorder With Long Life Concealed Inside An LCD Clock

LCD Clock 75 Day

A compact and portable digital alarm clock is an everyday item that is commonly used as a long term office based covert audio recorder.

Very Discreet Design – Fully Functional Clock

Maintaining the full functionality of the alarm clock was of paramount importance, with the second consideration being the need to have the audio recording system incorporated in such a covert manner that it would be completely undetectable to the naked eye.. Both of these requirements have been met and the result is original functionality meaning that this can still be used as an everyday device and a totally discreet inbuilt audio recorder with excellent performance.

Time and Date Stamp and Adjustable Microphone Sensitivity

Charging the recording system is achieved by connecting the clock via supplied USB lead to the USB port on a computer or to a mains outlet using a USB compatible mains plug. Offloading recorded audio files is again achieved by connecting the device to a computer using the included connection lead. The transfer/charge port is located behind the battery cover for the clock. This new model has time and date labelling of recorded files, adjustable microphone sensitivity and quality adjustment settings. The audio recording technology is Windows and Mac compatible for playback, but time/date, sensitivity and quality settings can only be configured on a Windows computer.


  • Full functional compact LCD alarm clock fitted with covert voice activated recording system
  • Perfect for discreet deployment at home, in the office or maybe as a carry-about timepiece when travelling
  • Audio recording system both operates and is powered separately to the alarm clock
  • Recording system is cleverly engineered within the clock in a totally discreet way – no external giveaway lights or audible signals
  • Voice (sound) activation is a standard feature – no wasted memory space with no audio recoding
  • Excellent quality crisp sound recording capability with auto level control
  • Records at MP3 format at rate of 64Kbps
  • Incredible standby time of over 76 days (that’s 2.5 months!)
  • Impressive straight recording mode battery life of up to 46 hours
  • Internal audio recording memory storage (8GB) – equating to 288 hours
  • Sensitive microphone technology with up to 10 metre (33 feet) sound pick up radius
  • Discreet LED light can be viewed for two seconds through tiny hole in clock battery compartment ONLY when recorder is to record mode
  • 550 mAh in-built lithium polymer battery – Charge time of 4 hours
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers – No special software required
  • Perfect for long term audio surveillance at home, in the office.

Sensitive Microphone – Excellent Audio Recorder and Superb long life battery

The in-built recording system uses a high grade microphone sensitive enough to pick up on normal speech within a radius of up to 9 metres. The battery life is always high on the list of priorities for any room surveillance recorder. The Clock Spy Voice Recorder audio recording system is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery giving a standby time of up to 76 days and a very usable straight recording time of up to 46 hours. As the system is by default voice activated then the actual operating battery life will be a combination of standby and recording time. This means if the recorder was deployed in an environment where there was only sounds for maybe 2 hours per day, then the battery could power the recorder for weeks before needing a recharge.

Sound Activated Recording –Easy to Operate

The recorder is very simple to activate having a single button switch discreetly located inside the clock battery cover. The recording system gives NO audible indications when activated or during recording. There is one incredibly discreetly placed tiny LED indicator (again inside the clock battery compartment) that shows recording has started, but even this light goes out after a few seconds once recording has started. Each time the device is sound activated the recording will automatically start. Recording will stop and save when there has been no sounds for a minute. Each recording is saved on a separate file in Wav format. Recordings can be played back and/or downloaded onto a PC or a Mac. The device has a memory storage capacity equating to 288 hours of recordings.

Portable Recording Solution for Many Environments

The clock itself works independently of the recording system and certainly works well as a bedside clock. The LCD display does not stay lit, but can easily be illuminated during darkness hours by pressing on the top of the clock. So, if you are looking for a powerful voice recording solution built into an everyday object that will blend into many different types of room setting then the Clock Voice Activated Recorder has to be worth consideration. The clock is independently powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied).


Compatible with PC & MAC operating systems

3 x AAA batteries required for the Clock function ( not supplied)

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The audio recording device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention in any way.

When the recording system is switched on a discreet LED illuminates for a couple of seconds (viewed in the battery compartment of the clock). This then goes out and afterwards there is no indication that recording is taking place.

There is no changeable time and date reference on the recordings or recorded file names

The unit is designed so as to be completely discreet when left on display, however if hidden away the recorder will still pick up sounds from the environment, although if it is heavily buried in a bag or under heavy cloth material, the microphone effectiveness will be reduced.

To play back recorded files plug into the USB port of a Windows or Mac computer using the supplied USB connection cable. No special software is required.

Unfortunately the Clock Voice Activated Recorder is always set to voice activated recording. There is no straight record option available.

The recorder will record a new file each time the microphone picks up enough sound to start the recording process and then ends the file when the sounds, voices, etc. have finished.

Additional Information