Professional Mini RF Detector – 3 Modes of Operation 3 Alarm Modes

Mini RF Detector PRO

Product Code: PBNCR01 – Mini RF Detector PRO

World Tiniest professional bug detector, small but powerful anti-spy device

Unique RF Detector. This device has extremely thin case (only 5mm) and light weight. It looks like a credit card. This miniature Detector has Super high sensitivity and can be used to detect and locate in near field a wide variety of radio transmitters used for secret access to information. In spite of a tiny size, the device combines the characteristics of a professional device, namely: Wide frequency range (from 10 to 3500 MHz) and Unprecedented high Dynamic range (70 dB). Detector is very easy to use: it has intuitive touch panel operation, with just two buttons of operation.

Stable detection is guaranteed in whole stated frequency range with super high sensitivity of search- 50 mV/m. Professional high-speed microprocessor-based system, specially designed for detection and locate of any radio transmitting devices: analog and digital bugs, hidden wireless cameras, cell phone jammers, 2-way radios, walkie-talkies, radio, tracking beacons, cellular and cordless phones, wireless microphones and any “wiretapping” devices.

TSCM - Expert Opinion:

“The CR01 isn’t a primary piece of our counter surveillance portfolio but on review, we have found it to be extremely useful within our sweep teams: kitting out each of our operatives with a CR01 adds another simple but effective layer of detection possibilities.

For example: Running a base level scan of a target room sets the parameters (frequency footprint), then, as investigations get underway and tests are made on appliances, cables, power decks, phones, PC’s, switches etc., if anything changes, or a frequency spikes (i.e: a device is activated or starts transmitting) then the CR01 will alert the team.

This isn’t like a professional high end system and there are obvious limitations but given the price, durability, ease of use and extra small size, the CR01 is packed with clever tech that performs well.”


PBNCR01 — Is intended for search and detection in near field of Wireless transmitting devices (bugs, wireless microphones, hidden wireless cameras, even Cell Phone Jammers, WiFi, and all other spy device), as well as working cell phones standards GSM, DAMPS, AMPS, DECT.

PBNCR01 uses a special filter, automatically blocks all background levels of signals and minimizes interference from GSM-towers which allows you to use the detector in the close proximity to noise sources. GSM filter allows detection bugs and “wiretapping devices” very effectively in any difficult environment.

PBNCR01 will Automatically adjust to background levels of radio signals and will not react to extraneous noise, device will detect only a local spy bug.

  • Three operation modes: Analog; Digital; Guard.
  • Three alarm modes: Audible alarm; Acoustic feedback; Soundless.
  • Detects all possible wireless bugs: GSM, CDMA phones, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi devices, wireless videocams, radio microphones.
  • Ultra slim: just 5 mm!
  • Dynamic Range — 70 dB; Detects bugs with very low signals and high power bugs.
  • Touch-sensitive intuitive two-button operation.
  • Weight — only 25 gr.

Package contents

  • Detector BugHunter Professional CR01
  • 220V adapter
  • Cable
  • English manual

Technical Specs

Products details PBNCR01
Dimensions, mm 77 x 47 x 5
Device weight with batteries, gr 25
AC supply voltage (Li-Pol battery), V 3.2 to 4.2
Power consumption, W 0.16
Frequency range, MHz 10-3500
Sensitivity, mV / m 50
Dynamic range, dB, up to 70
Detection range effective, m 5
Detection range in guard mode, m 50

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