Ruggedized Portable Digital Forensics Solutions – Customisable

Mobile Field Kit

Product Code: PBNMFK Mobile Field Kit

The Paraben Mobile Field Kit is a completely portable handheld forensic solution. The kit includes everything you need to perform a comprehensive digital forensic analysis of over 4000 cell phones, PDAs and GPS devices anywhere, anytime. Better yet, you can use your Device Seizure dongle that comes in the kit on any lab machine making it more than just a field kit.

What’s included

  • 1.6 GHz Laptop
  • Project-A-Phone ICD-5200
  • Media Card Readers
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • 1 Year Software licence for Device Seizure
  • Multiple Cable solutions for over 4000 different handsets
  • Faraday Bags for Evidence isolation
  • Paraben Warranty


  • Install other forensic software so you’re entire toolbox can go with you anywhere
  • Perform comprehensive analysis of acquired data-Bookmarking, Data Carving of Multi-Media Files, Deleted Data Recovery, Read Backup Files from a PC, File Sorting, Windows CE Registry Viewer, Built in File Viewers, Built in Hex Viewer, Over 250 Other File Viewers
  • Examine various types of media such as USB drives and SD Cards
  • Add more cables and components to your kit
  • Recover deleted data with physical acquisitions
  • Search for illicit images and chat logs on computers
  • Created by a trusted forensic company
  • Less expensive than other portable solutions that aren’t expandable
  • Easily update your existing Device Seizure and Toolbox with the Field Kit Conversion Kit


The MFK system can be customised to client needs, we can supply the portable system with other options such as E3 Universal software installed. In some countries like China we can remove the Laptop product as China do not allow computer imports, this will also reduce the cost. We can also supply additional faraday systems with the portable kits. Customisation can be done on almost any part of the kit, please speak to us directly so we can understand your needs –