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Executive Pen Audio Recorder with Mechanical Activation 8GB

Premium Audio Recorder inside a fully functional Pen, Voice Activation, 8GB, Swivel Activation, No LED lights.

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Product Code: PBN-PEN

PBN-PEN is a premium wearable audio recorder built inside an executive pen.

Wearable device easily attaches to clothing like a normal pen, secure sturdy clip attachment keeps device in position.

Records in continuous and sound activated modes, mechanical mode change switch, no LED lights on device.

Record for upto 31 hours on a single charge, store over 288 hours of audio on the 8GB internal Storage

Record crystal clear audio from upto 15 metres away.

The PBN-PEN has mic sensitivity adjustment software and can be configured for time and date stamping.

Offload Audio files through a PC or a Mac.

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Premium Pen with Covert Audio Recorder.

8GB Internal Storage, holds upto 288 hours of Audio Files.

31 Hours Continuous recording

Pen Clip for Wearable recording.

Voice Activated and Continuous recording modes.

Time & Date File Stamping.

Sensitivity Trigger Adjustment Settings.

Connect device to PC or MAC to offload recordings.

  • Premium Pen Audio Recorder
  • 31 Hours Continuous recording
  • 30 Days Standby Battery
  • Time & Date File Stamping
  • Mechanical Mode Activation
  • No LED Lights – Very Covert.

Extra Information:

Brand: CENIX

Power Supply: 3.7v 180mAh rechargeable battery

Dimensions: 4.25″ x 0.65″ x 0.65″

Manufactured in: Korea

The PBN-PEN is a professional audio recorder built inside a premium ballpoint pen.

Unlike many Pen Audio recorders, the design of this solution has stand out features throughout the device.

The PBN-PEN has no LED lights, all external mechanisms are mechanically designed.

Easily switch from Voice activated mode to Continuous recording mode using the twist top activation switch.

  • Voice Activated (VOX)
  • 15 Metre capture range
  • SVOS – Isolates Sounds
  • 31 Hours Continuous
  • 288 Hours Storage – 8GB
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Made in the Korea

To listen, offload, or delete recordings off the device, users need to connect the PBN-PEN to any Windows or Mac computer/Laptop.

To connect the Pen to a computer, users just need to unscrew the body of the Pen, built inside is a USB terminal to connect to any PC/MAC computer.

  • PBN-PEN Audio Recorder 8GB
  • 2 Pen Ink Refills
  • User Manual (English)

Manual: Download PDF

Looks and functions just like an executive pen, the activation function for continuous or voice activated mode is built into the ultra covert swivel cap.

The device activation switch is completely mechanical, zero LED lights, extremely covert.

Yes, the unit can be programmed to show a time and date for each recorded file.

This can only be set up on a Windows computer.

Playback of recordings can be performed using both Windows & Mac operating systems.

Yes, the recorder will still pick up audio from upto 15 metres away in optimal conditions.

Users can conceal the Pen inside a coat pocket and capture audio whilst the device is clipped to an inside pocket.

Users can deploy the device in an area out of sight and capture audio from upto 15 metres away, in optimal conditions.

Unscrew the middle of the Pen and the plug the USB terminal half of the directly into any Windows or Mac computer to playback play back audio files.

Users can also download and delete audio files whilst the device is connected to a computer.

The PENPEN recorder has a discreet mechanical switch on the top of the pen which can be switched clockwise to activate the voice activation mode.

In voice activation mode, the recorder will record a new file each time the microphone picks up enough sound to start the recording process and then ends the file when the sounds, voices, etc. have stopped.

In continuous record mode the recorder will make one long recording.

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