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Professional Listen through Wall Device

Ultra Sensitive contact microphone audio system for close range evidence gathering

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Product Code: PBN-LTW

The professional Listening Through Wall device is capable of penetrating walls up to 12 inches in thickness.

The highly sensitive acoustic microphone and fine-tuning noise buffer allow you to hear conversational words on the other side of the wall.

The device has an output jack allowing users to connect an audio recorder to the device and record the sounds captured.

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This is a professional Listen Through Walls device with a high-sensitivity acoustic microphone amplifier; when placed against the wall is capable of penetrating thickness up to 12 inches, thus allowing you to hear the audio/conversations on the other side of the wall.

This product is ideal for gathering audio intelligence:

The Listen Through Walls Pro is made of high-quality brushed aluminum and fitted with a fine-tuning filter to provide clearer audio listening quality, plus an audio output socket which allows a digital voice recorder (not supplied) to be connected to capture audio evidence.

The Listen Through Wall device is very easy to use.

The ceramic contact microphone is gently pressed and held against any solid wall, retrieving vibrations sent back through the wall and converted into audible sound through the earphones (supplied).

The Listen Through Wall device is powered by a PP3 battery and provides 24 hours of continuous use.



Search & Rescue: Hear people trapped in basements, elevators, under rubble etc.

Bomb Detection: Listen to packages to indicate a ticking clock.

Diagnostics: Find problems in engines, transmissions and other mechanical apparatus.

Pest Control: Find location of insect or rodent infestations, active termite colonies in walls, ceilings and floors.

Plumbing: Find locations of leaking pipes in concrete or walls.

Professional Listen Through Wall device

  • Sensitive acoustic amplifier
  • Penetrates solid walls up to 30 cm | 12 inches thick
  • Fine-tuning filter enhances and refines the audio listening
  • Brushed casing aluminum design
  • Earphone output socket
  • Recording output socket
  • Contact MIC input socket
  • Amplifier dimensions – 20 x 55 x 70 mm
  • Contact MIC dimensions – 26 x 18 mm
  • Weight – 157 grams
  • Power supply – 9 V battery (supplied)
  • Battery life – 24 hours
  • Input – 2.5 mm mono MIC
  • Output – 3.5 mm stereo (earphones) | 3.5 mm mono (record)
  • Supplied with Listen Through Wall Pro, earphones, recording cable, 9 V battery, and User Guide
  • Ideal for gathering audio evidence or the location of burst water pipes through solid brick walls
  • Manufactured in the UK

PP3 Battery Required: Supplied

To record sounds from the LTW users will need to connect an audio recorder via the output function on the LTW

Supplied with:

  • Listen Through Wall Pro
  • Earphones
  • Recording cable
  • 9 V battery
  • English User Guide

Manual: Download PDF

Switch ON the device and connect the supplied earphones. You may connect any high-quality earphones.

Next, hold the ceramic microphone against the solid wall to hear what is being said through the wall.

Use the fine-tuning filter dial to refine the audio to your liking.

A single lithium PP3 battery will power the device for 24 hours of use.

Yes. The thicker the wall, the better.

The wall must be completely solid between you and the wall next door and without a cavity gap between the walls; otherwise, the vibration hits the cavity gap and cannot push through the other side of the brick wall.

Yes. As long as it is a solid material, thick or thin will work fine.

No. The Listen through Wall has no moving parts or audible sounds and operates silently.

Yes. The Listen through Wall device has a 3.5 mm ‘Record Out’ jack socket that allows a standard digital voice recorder to be connected via the supplied cable.

We offer this Digital Voice Recorder, which is sufficient.

The Listen Through Wall is ideal for use in these types of situations and many more too!

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