Project a Phone – Camera and Universal Phone Mounting System

Project a Phone

Product Code:  PBNPAP Project a Phone

The 8 megapixel, HD video capable camera connects right to your PC so you can easily see exactly what each image will look like and take each picture with the click of your mouse. The Project-A-Phone ICD-8000 comes with a license of E3 Viewer for advanced reporting.

How it Works
The native camera software gives you control over the quality of your picture’s and video’s, brightness, zoom, focus, and more.

  • Lock the target cell phone into the Project-A-Phone ICD-8000
  • Plug the USB camera into your PC and install the camera software
  • Run the camera software on your computer
  • Adjust the camera to display your phone screen
  • Start taking images or recording videos


Not Just for Mobile Forensics
Capturing and displaying cell phone screens can be useful for any number of situations.

  • Live meetings where you want to present from a computer
  • Web-based demonstrations
  • Screen shots for print marketing materials or documentation
  • Displaying evidence in a courtroom
  • Mobile Repair Training Courses

Each Project a Phone Purchase Includes:

  • Camera
  • Vice Lock system Mount
  • E3:Viewer reporting software – 1 license
  • 1 Year SMS for E3:Viewer

Frequently Asked Questions

You receive a license of E3:Viewer with the purchase of Project a Phone. This tool will allow you to review all the images collected and collate a report.

There are no updates with Project a Phone since the primary device is hardware.

By default the license is done with an electronic key. The electronic key options include:

  • Web License (Easily move to different machines)
  • Hardware Key License (Locked to a single machine)

For an additional fee, licences can be installed and supplied on a USB Dongle.

There are no additional fees or subscriptions to maintain PAP

  • Operating System: Windows™ 7™ or Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
  • Support Additional 3rd Party Software: Microsoft™ .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Processor: Minimum Single-core Processor @ 1.33GHz Processor: Suggested Dual-core Processor @ 3GHz or Higher
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB Minimum 8 GB Suggested
  • Suggested Available HDD Space: 1GB for the program installation on the system drive
  • Internet Connection: 128 kbs Needed for Web License Authentication
  • Other Requirements: USB Port
  • E3:Viewer can be run in a virtual machine or on a physical machine. If using a Mac you must be in a VM or in Bootcamp.

The system is primarily used for forensic examinations and to catalogue findings but the system is also now widely used for booking in procedures, much the same way a person is booked in for a crime at a Police station; PFLEX allows labs to catalogue phones and tablets upon entry into the lab. Other types of uses include presenting evidence in court.