Soroka 16 Audio 1122 Hours

Soroka 16 Audio 1122 Hours

Product Code: PBNSK

Product Name: Soroka s16 Internal and External Professional Audio recorder – 1000+ Hours

The Soroka s16 is the new standard in Professional audio recorders, combining low power consumption and industry leading recording duration in multiple modes:

Soroka can record in Autonomy Mode for 800 hours, in Continuous mode for 1100 hours and in standby Mode for nearly 3 years; 1000 days.

Soroka has an internal Microphone and an optional use External microphone with a reach of upto 9 metres/30 feet.

Advanced features of the Soroka include functions such as Gain Control with automatic and manual adjustment, File Encryption and increased stability against audio defeaters utilizing ultra-sonic neutralizers.

Soroka can record in 3 modes: VOX, VAS & Calendar Pre-set , all this and much more packed into a tiny form of just: 8cm length x 4cm width x 0.85cm height (80mm x 40mm x 85mm)

Main features of the voice recorder, SOROKA 16 Professional

  • High sensitivity microphone. Reach up to 9 meters
  • Low power consumption. Autonomy over 1200 hours in continuous mode
  • Obtaining manual and automatic control (AGC) Allows you to record very loud sounds and amplify the weak.
  • Audio codec, 8, 16 and 20 bits
  • High quality audio recording without signal compression. Stores over 1300 hours of conversations
  • Adjustment settings for configuring sounds – using the Edic Software suite (available to download free of charge)
  • 3 recording modes: manual, audio detection (VOX / VAS) and calendar (preset date / time preset)
  • LED Indication of the recorder operating modes
  • Digital signature. Determines the authenticity of the record
  • File encryption

Specs for SOROKA 16 Professional

Autonomy: 800 hours continuously 1100 hours in detection mode and 1000 days in standby

Timer: yes

Audio resolution 8, 16, 24, 32 khz

Format WAV

Auto Gain Control: Yes

Dimensions: 80 X 40 X 8.5 mm

Battery: rechargeable lithium

Power: USB to Micro USB Connection

Full Charge 4.5 hours

Battery Capacity: up to 1122 hours

Timestamp: yes

Memory: 32GB micro SD card – Included

Material: metal


2 years warranty

Manual – English (Manufactured in Russia)

Recording Modes and Advanced Features Info:

Recording modes of the SOROKA 16 Professional voice recorder:

Activation can be performed manually, by detection or by using Calendar mode

Recording of the activation sound

With this mode, the device will record only when a sound is detected (VAS). You can adjust the detection sensitivity to high, medium or lowthis is ideal for saving memory.

Scheduled recording

With this mode it is possible to set the recorder to record a time and the preselection date . It is compatible with the audio detection system, ideal if you wish to record at specific times and you cannot be present:


1.- Program to record from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:30 and 16:30 to 20:00

2.- Tuesday 25 October from 07:00 to 19:30 with an activated audio detection system.

Cyclic recordings

The Soroka 16  professional recorder allows the possibility of making recordings, linear or cyclical . With linear recording the number and duration of audio files are limited only by the available memory. Cyclically, the new file overwrites the old ones.

Digital signature

All stored files have a digital signature. Ideal for Professionals collecting evidence which may be used for testimony in court.

Delivery Set:

  • 1 x Soroka 16 voice recorder
  • 1 x external microphone
  • 1 x card reader
  • 1 x 32GB SD Card
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x instruction manual in English

Frequently Asked Questions

SOROKA recorders use micro SD memory cards in FAT32 format. A 32GB SD card is included , you can record more than 1200 hours of conversations .

You can adjust the settings of the audio recorder using the advanced Edic Software suite which is free to download.

It has automatic and manual gain control, which allows you to check the sound level of the recording. You can record very loud sounds and amplify quieter sounds.

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