Stronghold Signal Blocking Bag – 7 x 10 (inches)

Stronghold Bag Medium

Product Code: PBNSHSM – Paraben Stronghold Bag Medium 7 inches x 10 inches

Paraben’s Stronghold bags use a patented (U.S. Patent No. 7,601,921) design to block out wireless signals from cell towers, wireless networks, and other signal sources that threaten your digital evidence. The special multi-weave material used in the Wireless Stronghold Bag is made of multiple metals that combine to give you the optimal blocking protection.

Paraben’s other Stronghold products follow the same principles with multi-layers protection from signals. The solution is ideal for first responders who need to preserve the integrity of digital devices and ensure devices are not remotely altered. The bags provide complete protection from remote communications ensuring the devices contained cannot be communicated with whilst inside the patented faraday bags.

The bags also provide great protection for consumers in today’s modern digital world, digital fraud can be prevented by using the bags for all types of objects which can be digitally swiped. Items such as:

  • Passports with RFID Chips
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptop Computers
  • Credit Cards
  • Ipad Mini
  • Small Tablets

All of these items can be protected from digital theft using a Paraben Stronghold solution.

Cyber-crimes are fast becoming the crime of choice for many criminals and the use of technology to perform digital swiping is the fastest growing type of crime worldwide.


Each bag is made up of a special multi-weave material that combines multiple metals to give you the optimal blocking protection.

We offer the Medium Stronghold bag in the silver version as displayed in the image.

The solution can be used to house upto 3 mobile phones at once, all passports and anything small in size such as credit cards.

Dimensions:  7″ x 10″ 

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