Audio Recorder Inside A USB Stick – VOX & Time & Date Stamp

USB Audio Recorder 8GB 25 Day

Product Code:  PBN016 – USB 8GB TDS Audio Recorder

The PBN016 Voice Activated Recorder automatically records voice, accurately and discreetly. A complete voice recorder inside a USB flash drive! Features 288-hour recording, a high-gain microphone, and long 25-day battery run time.

Our 288-Hour recorder with SpeechEQ™ is engineered to boost and capture frequencies in the 85 – 255 Hz range, providing effective lecture and investigative recording from up to 50 feet away. Human speech ranges from 85 to 255 Hz – our VR series recorders are specifically engineered to boost and capture within this audio spectrum, and cut out ambient sound outside of this range. Easily start and stop recording by rotating the discreet key chain loop switch. Listen, save, delete or send your recordings with any MAC or Windows computer.


  • 288-hour voice recording storage
  • High-gain 60db SpeechEQ™ microphone
  • Clearly captures human voice, from up to 50 feet
  • Discreet & Covert – no lights or beeps
  • SVOS Voice-Activation – starts recording when voices start, pauses when voices stop
  • 25 day battery run time in voice-activated mode, 24 hours continuous
  • Can record while plugged into a USB port, or on its own
  • Time/date stamp for legal purposes
  • Discreet on/off wheel
  • Listen, save, delete recordings with any MAC or Windows computer
  • Charges in 90 minutes – use any USB port or charger


  • PBN016 Voice Activated Recorder
  • User’s Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty


Charges using any USB Source.

Compatible with Windows & Mac Computers

Time and Date Stamp can only be set using a Windows OS

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